Sourcing Module - Building company lists


The Sourcing module gives users the ability to generate custom lists to identify new investment opportunities. What's truly unique about Aura's Sourcing module is the ability to turn a custom "investment thesis" into a sorted list that is kept up-to-date.

For instance, it is possible to generate a ranked list with the following criteria:

  • Current employees: >100 and < 500
  • Company HQ: United states
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Engineering:
    • >30% of total employee base
    • >25% growth in last 6 months
    • >20% share of Ex-FANG+ in engineering

Using the Sourcing module

The Sourcer module will be accessible directly from the home screen


Clicking the Sourcing button will bring up a table with search, sort, and filter capabilities. There are several common, company-specific columns toggled on by default.


The search bar can be used to quickly filter by specific keywords and phrases related to companies.


To further customize lists, users can toggle on additional columns of data for each company. Each additional column will also include filter and sort functionality.