The Tenure dashboard provides insight into the current career and company specific tenure of the employees of your focus companies.

Tenure demo

Company tenure


The Company tenure view allows analysis of time spent by employees at their current company, for any company in your project. The central area chart shows the count of employees at each tenure level, with mean and median summary statistics shown on the RHS.

Note: tenure for each employee is rounded to the nearest year, i.e. tenure of 0 includes any employees with a tenure of less than 6 months

The tenure data in the central chart and RHS panels can be filtered by company, country and role (all LHS)

Whilst no company is selected from the LHS company filter, data displayed will include employees from all companies in the project

Career tenure


The Career tenure view allows analysis of the total career length of the current employees of your focus companies

Note: Career tenure is calculated as the sum of all past time spent in work by an employee i.e. any periods of unemployment will not count towards career tenure

See Company tenure for description of filters and calculation methodology