Customizing role segments

Role mapping demo

While Aura is always improving its auto-role classification system, we recognize that some users may require customization and fine-tuning of role segments for their use case.

The Role mapping module can be accessed through the project home screen by clicking the Roles button:

Project home screen
Project home screen

The Roles view will show a frequency table of unique titles associated with profiles in your project. Here you can examine the default role mappings as well as assign custom role mappings.

Jobs frequency table mapped to roles
Jobs frequency table mapped to roles

Roles table column glossary

ColumnDescriptionAvailable functions
Parent Organization
Company name. "Parent" used here as combined companies from company searcher will be represented as one name
Toggle filter
Job Title
Job title with complete uniqueness enforced in count aggregation
Search filter
Default Role
Default role applied by Aura auto-classifier
Toggle filter
Custom Role
Custom role applied by user
Toggle filter
Current Empoyees
Current employee count as of last update
Total Employees
Total employees across all time (current + historical) who have had unique title

Assigning custom roles

The process assign a custom role follows the general form of:

Filter by titleselect relevant rows (or select all) → assign to custom role

Filtering by job title

Example combination query syntax
Example combination query syntax

The search bar is directly mapped to the Job Title column and has several query logic functionalities:

Search bar query syntax

NameExampleExample inclusionsExample exclusions
account manager, account owner
accounts, accountant
Wildcard suffix
engineering, software engineer
Wildcard prefix
biologist, cardiologist
Exact match
software engineer, mechanical engineer
(engineer OR developer) AND NOT sales
senior engineer, software developer
sales engineer

The info icon in the search bar will provide some sample queries if you need a quick in-app reminder:

Search syntax examples modal
Search syntax examples modal

Selecting and assigning to custom role

after filtering your data, you can select few or all (by clicking the check boxes) in your post-filtered results:

Assigned selected rows to a new role
Assigned selected rows to a new role

After making a selection, users will now see a count on the number of rows selected as well as a drop-down menu to assign to a custom role.

Bolded header sections (Role_level 1) are what will be visible in most of the Aura charts.

Confirming the change by clicking the Assign button will trigger a job notification in the bottom right of the screen. Changes will not be ready in visualizations until this job is complete.

Custom role mapping job in progress
Custom role mapping job in progress

Custom role column will not be filled out for the adjusted rows.

In any situation where a custom role is available, it will always take precedence over a default role.

Downloading roles table for offline analysis

Users can also download the complete frequency table for analysis as a .CSV by clicking the

Download .CSV