August 2023 Release Note

August 2023 Release Note

Welcome to our August 2023 Release Note. We’re excited to announce exciting product news!

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • The long awaited ‘Upload from CSV/ Excel’ Feature is now live
  • ‘Save’ Feature of the progresses done on Custom Role Mapping are now automatically saved for easy retrieval
  • RAVE with Aura will be live by early September (limited to Bain & Company Consulting teams)
  • Onboarding new workforce datasets: further step to become the go-to platform for all workforce data

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions, feedback or simply getting access.

Table of Contents

  • New Products and Features
    • Enhancements of the Custom Role Mapping functionality
      • ‘Upload from CSV/ Excel’ Feature
      • ‘Save’ Feature
    • July data refresh complete
  • Upcoming Features
    • RAVE with AURA live by early September
    • Onboarding and integrating additional data sources

💥 New Products and Features

Enhancements of the Custom Role Mapping functionality

Custom Role Mapping is a key functionality of the Aura platform, allowing users to customize roles based on their specific use case

  • This month, we have officially launched the ‘Upload from CSV/ Excel’ and enabled the ‘Save’ Feature in the Custom Role Mapping functionality
  • These two feature allow users to further streamline the Custom Role Mapping process
    • Upload from CSV/ Excel’ Feature allows users to perform custom role mapping on Excel and upload the file onto Aura. This significantly speeds up and simplify the role mapping process
    • ‘Save’ Feature automatically saves custom role mapping progress in the background, allowing for easy reverting if needed

Top use cases for custom role mapping include:

  • Simplify functions categories (combining similar roles together)
  • Add granularity (e.g. split R&D into Discovery, Phase 1/2, Phase 3)
  • Doers / Watchers / Thinkers analysis
  • Core vs Support functions analysis
  • GenAI impact analysis

For more details, please reach out to us at

July data refresh complete

  • We're happy to inform you that our engineers have updated the Aura platform with the July data delivery
  • The most up-to-date information and insights is now available live

🗃 Upcoming Features

Onboarding and integrating additional data sources

  • We are finalizing the addition of 2 more data sources that will provide us more frequent updates as well as broader coverage of profile data. One of these sources will even be able to provide us almost daily updates on talent movement.

RAVE with Aura live by early September

  • Rave is an internal tool at Bain & Company for automated analytics and slides. It features modules that provide insights into software adoption & usage, website traffic, ESG assessment, mobile app performance, and trends among others.
  • Aura engineering team have been working closely with RAVE’s team to launch a new module powered with Aura data. An automated slide loop covering workforce insights will be immediately available for download after selecting for the relevant company to benchmark. This is available and limited to Bain & Company Consulting Teams.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for features, please reach out to us at

We would love to hear from you!