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Why is there a significant difference (>20%) in the number of profiles outlined by company reports / LinkedIn Recruiter for certain companies vs. Aura Databox?

There may be several reasons why there is a difference in the number of profiles outlined on LinkedIn vs. Aura Databox

  1. Subsidiaries may not be included in Databox search results
  2. When searching for profiles on LinkedIn, the platform sometimes auto-includes several subsidiaries of the parent company within the data search (e.g. ….). In Databox, subsidiaries need to be manually included in the companies list to be a part of the search results. To include all subsidiaries, please type in each company name and then select it from the drop-down list generated to create a long list of companies.

  3. Aura may not have the data available in its source data set
    1. Aura’s Databox is powered by data from vendors such as People Data Labs that acquire public profiles from sources such as LinkedIn. However, these vendors cannot offer full coverage of LinkedIn or other such networks and hence there may be a gap vs. the actual amount of available. Typically, Aura’s data has the best coverage (>80%) in

    2. English-speaking regions (US, Western Europe, India, etc.)
    3. Finance, Technology, and service focused industries
    4. Central functions / white-collar roles

While coverage in other areas may be lower/ not fully comprehensive, it is certainly still usable and relevant to get a good sense of the company.

Why can I see profiles of people who joined / left the company recently on LinkedIn but this is not reflected on Databox?

Aura Databox has a monthly update cycle i.e., the data on the platform gets updated by our vendors every month. As a result, recent shifts / movements in the company may not be immediately reflected in Aura Databox search results.

Additionally, we often see that people forget to update their LinkedIn profiles regularly, which often leads to a fallacy of showing that one person has multiple active jobs. We have chosen to include people who have active roles in a particular company despite having more recent active roles in a different company in our search results in order to remain as comprehensive as possible in generating the list of profiles.

Some of the industries outlined for the companies in my list don’t seem to be fully accurate – why would this happen?

We use the industries tagged in LinkedIn’s self-reported sections on their company pages.

When I download the file in CSV format, everything shows up in 1 column – how do I make sure they are all properly organized?

This is an issue with Excel’s Text to Columns conversion format. To circumvent this, you need to open a blank Excel worksheet and import the CSV.

On a new blank CSV, in the Excel ribbon, Go to Data > From Text / CSV > Select the CSV file you have downloaded from Aura Databox > Click Load in the new window that opens. This should load all the data in the appropriate columns.

What is the pricing structure for using Databox?

We charge $0.75 per profile for up to 5K profiles or a flat $5K fee for any number of profiles up to 100K profiles.

I ended up downloading the same data multiple times when trying to get the exact filter I needed – does this mean I will be charged cumulatively for all profiles across the downloads?

We understand that getting to the right dataset takes some hit and trial effort and hence may require multiple downloads. We will only charge you for the unique profiles that you download and use from Aura’s Databox.

Will the Aura team help in the cleaning and processing of the data and slide creation?

Unfortunately, this is not part of the support the Aura team will be able to provide. In case you are interested in ready-made insights, please consider exploring the Aura Diligence product, which provides instant access to dashboards across topics:

  • Attrition, headcount growth
  • Geographical footprint
  • Skills, tenure, past experiences
  • DE&I metrics
  • …and much more

Diligence product is free to explore across companies and insights, and we will only charge the case code if that data is shared with the client at a standard fixed rate of $9.5K.

Alternatively, please reach out to BCN for additional support for cleaning and slide creation. They are well-versed with the Aura Databox product and will be able to provide you with expert support on this process and much more.